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Ideated in New Zealand, Created in USA. Made in ITALY

Who's Kiwi Drop?

This is a true story. This is my story. Making shipwreck means getting lost, it means losing. When you loose your way, you lose track of time and space. And feel defeated.

I made shipwreck on a stormy day, five years ago, 90 miles from the coast of New Zealand. I was winning a race and suddenly lost my boat. I was 25 and thought I was invincible. I thought life had no rules until I got lost in that storm. And thats when I chose not to go to sea anymore.

The Hauraki Gulf is a wonderful place. Every day at sunset, I used to sit on Kiwi's rock envying freedom. That same freedom I had deprived myself of due to my unconsciousness. I remember the strong wind on my face as a slap. An awakening. As if the wind wanted to tell me: "Rules are freedom, choose the most important ones, understand them and make them yours."

I need those challenges to live and need my rules to challenge. I need to win to avoid getting lost. Today they call me Kiwi Drop, sailing's most difficult maneuver. I hopped on a boat again and I started to fight with rules, my rules.

kiwi drop